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Watch NFL Preseason Football, P2P4 Football

Preseason football has been running a few weeks and people are wondering what has been the best way to watch live football online.  P2P4 Football has wondered this too and spoken to different people to get their input.  P2P4 Football has asked people to rate different places to watch football based on these categories:

Stream Quality (High, Average, Low)

Stream Completeness (Does the stream stop, pause, buffer at all or not)

Stream Load Time (How long do you need to wait for stream to initially load)

Overall Experience (How happy were you with using this site/method to watch the live nfl football streams)

P2P4 Football only wanted quality opinions and not feedback from newbies so we asked only people we know have a good reputation.  The winner so far this preseason?  Veetle.com.  Here is what the overall feel on Veetle is:  there are not many streams on Veetle, but the few that there are are very high quality, do not get interrupted, are constant streaming from start to finish.  Good for Veetle.  Last year I did not hear too much positive comments about them but it seems they have made big improvements in the past year.

Last year's highest rated site Justin.tv had this said about them so far this preseason:  too much spam!  Probably 3 out of every 4 football streams on their site are spam.  The spammers also inflate their viewer count somehow and get their spam stream to the top of the listings.

Streamtorrent is still the favorite P2P player for people to watch football with, but some people complain about slow loading time or constant buffering during the game.  Not sure if that is truly the application or the streamers or viewers internet connection.

Let's see how it goes when the regular season starts in a few weeks.