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Where to Watch Sports Online

If you want to watch football it is hard unless you are willing to spend a lot of money.  The Thursday night NFL football games are only on the NFL Network.  Unless your cable provider gives you this channel then you cannot watch the football game on television.  On Sundays only the local teams are shown on the television along with the Sunday night football game.  If you want to pay hundreds of dollars a year for the NFL Ticket from DirectTV (and you must be a DirectTV subscriber already, so if you are not then you need to sign a contract with them and pay for their regular cable service too) then you can watch the football games on your television.  If you don't feel like spending all this money because money does not grow on trees then you may want to watch the NFL football games online.  There are many ways to do this such as P2P4 and P2P4U sites which allow you to watch the games for free.  There are also subscription sites which may be a little more reliable then the free sites.  These are sites like www.Sack.net .
You can watch more then just football on the subscription sites, you can watch basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, boxing, fighting, among many other sports and it is all for a one time fee.  You do not need to pay one fee for basketball and another fee for football.  This is a good alternative if you like to watch many sports because you won't need to search online trying to find free live streams, instead you spend something like $25 or $30 and you have access to everything all the time in one place.  It is very convenient and easy to use and for the multiple sports fan I would recommend this.
If you want to listen to the games then you might want to get Sirius XM Radio because they broadcast the NFL and Major league baseball (MLB).  The fees for satellite radio have come down to around $10 per month.  But if you like watching the action (like I do) then radio won't work for you.